Motorola Droid 3 Verizon Xt862 Verizon Cell Phone

Motorola Droid 3 Verizon Xt862 Verizon Cell Phone

The Motorola DROID 3 cell phone, having an Android 2.3 platform, allows access to thousands of applications. With a slider QWERTY keypad, this Motorola smartphone makes it easier for you to type and text. Capture beautiful pictures with the 8 MP camera of this Motorola mobile. Featuring Adobe flash player, this Motorola smartphone enhances your gaming experience. Operating on a dual core 1GHz processor, this Motorola mobile enables you to multitask. Having a front-facing web cam, the Motorola DROID 3 cell phone allows you to take video calls, as well as record videos.

Product Features

  • Motorola DROID 3 – Black (Verizon) Smartphone

2 thoughts on “Motorola Droid 3 Verizon Xt862 Verizon Cell Phone

  1. Kyle Dorsey
    Kyle Dorsey says:

    Droid 3 I have been using once since the day it came out. Its amazing, having such a good and complete keyboard boosts productivity and functionality. Great phone, its fast, has full keyboard, sd card capable, 4in screen is perfect to fit into your pocket and view webpages on your phone, no issues.

  2. Eric V

    Terrible phone All I can think is that the quality control on this phone was horrible. Maybe some of them work the way they are supposed to, but apparently a lot don’t. My wife has a Droid 3 and I now have little faith in this phone, Motorola, or Verizon. If you look around the web you will find a large number of people are having the same problems with the Droid 3. It turns off for no reason. It accesses the web, texts, and allows phone calls when it chooses. It has a hard time keeping power (beyond normal cell phone battery issues). She just turned her second one in and we’re waiting on the box with her third one. It looks like Motorola messed up….but other than redistributing refurbished phones that have the same flaws they don’t seem to be able to fix the problem. Verizon doesn’t appear to care because they are making us try out yet another Droid 3, and lets face it, they sell service and not phones.

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