MOTOACTV by Motorola Computer Accessories
  • Belt clip to hold MOTOACTV unit

Product Features

  • Designed for the MOTOACTV Fitness Tracker and Smart Music Player.
  • Clips securely to your clothing or belt.
  • Provides easy access to MOTOACTV buttons.
  • Part of the MOTOACTV family of fitness products.
  • Motorola retail packaging includes: MOTOACTV clip, safety information and warranty guide

3 thoughts on “MOTOACTV Clip

  1. Roy

    THE CLIP IS GREAT For all those saying its rubbish, please understand first how to remove it. Once you know that, its easy to get it out without pushing any buttons. The trick is to pop it up slightly on the exit side with a fingernail, while pushing on the opposite end at the same time. It slides right out, no trouble. Anyone having trouble with this should return it with a note saying “im an idiot i don’t deserve this thing”

  2. polarhud

    Too hard to remove the device It’s really great for running because I don’t like to strap things to my arm. It is also easy to just take it off the waist band of my shorts. However, if I want to remove the device form the clip, it is extremely difficult and I often feel like I am going to break something. It is rather flimsy and the locking mechanism seems flawed. It’s great feeling like I won’t lose it from it slipping out of the clip, but I should be able to remove it myself.Really difficult to remove, but otherwise an o.k. clip.

  3. Ryan Winkleman
    Ryan Winkleman says:

    Great, unintrusive way to use your MOTOACTV The MOTOACTV Clip is a really great, unintrusive way to keep your on you while exercising. At about 8 mm, the clip is slightly slimmer than the unit itself, and it’s about the same size across the front. Because the MOTOACTV is already very slim, as you can imagine when you lock it into the clip it doesn’t add much size. The MOTOACTV slides right into and out of the clip very easily. The clip itself is made to clip onto something thin, like a waistband or a belt buckle; the spring on the back only opens about 5 mm and closes pretty tightly so that you don’t need to worry about it falling right off while you’re exercising. It is not hard to attach and remove it to your clothing, making it easy to attach it somewhere out of sight and pull it up when you want to take a quick look at your progress. Definitely an essential accessory to the MOTOACTV.

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