3 thoughts on “Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain- RED

  1. Barbara

    Bigger than expected I think a lot of reviews expressed this sentiment that the keychain was bigger than originally thought. It’s not overly huge, but I definitely could not put it on my keychain–I’m worried about the extra weight weighing down on my key in the ignition as I drive. However, the product itself is super cool. Tough plastic and my fingers fit comfortably in the holes (although I have smaller hands so I’m not sure if a guy could comfortably use it). I ended up giving this away as a present. It’s still a nifty thing to have if you’re running by yourself at night and don’t have/can’t get pepper spray.

  2. Antoinette "Miss Toni"
    Antoinette "Miss Toni" says:

    Great product This is a really great product. It fits very well in my hand. I would recommend this to my friends/others.

  3. Anonymous

    I feel secure walking to my car having the “Bull Dog” keychain. Haven’t had to use it, but it will take an assailant by surprise.

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