The Spinal Decompression System

This is for the Sit and Decompress Harness Only, no chin up bar. 3 Minutes A Day Sit and Decompress Treatment. The Best $ 65 You Can Commit For Your Well being And A 60 Day Funds Back Guarantee! How Does Sit and Decompress Treatment Work? Sit and Decompress operates by utilizing the strong pull of gravity and your personal physique fat to decompress/stretch your spine. Strapping into the harness will hold your upper body in spot although your mid to low back get decompressed. This is a Really Effective STRETCH, we have x-ray proof of an increase of 25% in disc space even though in the harness just making use of gravity. NO OTHER Treatment HAS THIS Proof! This decompression is distinctive to Sit and Decompress. If you have attempted other goods you will be surprised with excitement and relief that a product has finally been produced to alleviate your back difficulties. “There is practically nothing that can compete with the security, effectiveness, and overall velocity that your condition will improve. I Ensure IT” Dr. Josh Dorsey Inventor/Back Discomfort Guru Based on your condition, the 4 diverse stances that you can perform are going to target particular parts of your spine. You can only be the judge of what stance is greatest for you. How do you know which stance is best? Basically by the way your spine feels when you are in that particular stance. All the stances will give you decompression, specific stances will give you a lot more decompression and this is from tightness that has created up in that distinct area of your spine. Final results do vary but most men and women observe a big difference the 1st time they use Sit and Decompress.

  • 3 Minute Treatments – These 3 minutes allows your spine to decompress. While you decompress your muscles elongate, pressure is taken off nerves, your discs are able to reabsorbs water and nutrients to heal.
  • Fast Results, Some May Notice Improvement After 1 Treatment. Don’t be alarmed if this does not happen to you. It will just, give your body more time to respond.
  • 5 Minute Initial Setup. From unboxing the chin up bar and harness and assembly, you can expect it to take around 5 minutes. Once the harness and chin up bar is set up, you can take the set up down and put back up within seconds. Leaving the set up in a convenient doorway is your best.
  • Safe and Effective on all spinal injuries. This works great on post surgery patients. If your unsure if Sit and Decompress will help, you can always try it for 60 days. You have nothing to lose except time and shipping costs.
  • Try For 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! Shipping costs are non-refundable.

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Price: $ 74.99

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