Brought to You by The Unemployed Philosophers Guild The origins of the Unemployed Philosophers Guild are shrouded in mystery. Some accounts trace the Guild’s birth to Athens in the latter half of the 4th century BCE. Allegedly, many lesser philosophers grew weary of the limitless Socratic dialogue endemic in their trade and turned to crafting family implements and playthings. (Hence the assertions that Socrates quaffed his hemlock poison from a Guild-created chalice, even though vigorous debate surrounds the question of whether or not it was a “disappearing” chalice.) Other folks argue that the UPG dates from the Large Middle Ages, when the Philosophers Guild entered the world of commerce by offering bawdy pamphlets to pilgrims facing long lines for the restroom. Business boomed till 1211 when Pope Innocent III condemned the publications. Not remarkably, this led to increased income, even as half our membership was burned at the stake. Far more recently, revisionist historians have pinpointed the birth of the Guild to the time it was nonetheless cool to reside in New York City’s Reduced East Side. Two brothers turned their inner creativity and adore of having to pay rent in direction of fulfilling the people’s needs for finger puppets, warm slippers, coffee cups, and cracking up at things.

  • Features eight original watercolor portraits of our solar system
  • Contents: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. (Pluto not included. Cause it’s not a planet.). Plates are not microwave safe
  • Approx. 10″ diameter.
  • 100 percent melamine. Food safe and FDA approved. Dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.

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