Curvit® authentic is Offered OUT and OUT OF STOCK. For substitute elements, see Curvit® is a exclusive set of twelve rings & arches that curve your curtain away. It really is elegant, easy and discreet. Works with any common shower curtain or liner, or the two. Why bother with a curved shower curtain rod? Curvit® has shiny steel rings that match any common straight one” shower rod. And it operates on the inside: holds your shower curtain from blowing in. Add any outer decorative curtain. Hold your bathroom fashion. For ideal final results, use Curvit® with a normal 72-inch length, thin or medium weight shower curtain, between 5 and 8-gauge, and typical one-inch tube shower rod. Curvit® is not advised for quick or heavy curtains. Your curtain will lift, but only a bit. Curvit® hangs your curtain from a larger stage, about two-3-inch, so a 70-inch brief shower curtain is not recommended. It may well not leave ample fabric at the bottom to keep in the tub. Thankfully, most common curtains are 72-inch prolonged. So we designed for that length. Also, be sure your shower rod is at a regular height. Every house is diverse. No Tools. No Leaks. With Curvit®, your shower curtain stays snug inside your tub and wall. The 12 arches apply a subtle, soft curving stress to the mid-segment … like an invisible valet holding your curtain away. So Curvit® gently delivers a rounded shower curtain impact in the middle. So why bother putting in a bowed shower rod? It really is hardware for a handyman. Aside from, curved rods can sag downward as they shed grip or if the bolts aren’t completely aligned — which prospects to curtain gaps and messy leaks. Not with Curvit®. Push back towards curtain cling and block messy leaks.

  • Enjoy more space. Just snap on. Curve the curtain away. Set of 12 arches are stylish, simple & discreet.
  • Pre-assembled. 3 easy steps to install. No tools. No leaks.

Additional info:
B00U6P17V0 Kitchen Curvit Aqua Blue V32894011000 CurvitCo 30-day warranty against manufacturing defect. Not breakage by user. Please bear in mind that like the arches of an umbrella, Curvit arches are not designed to bear significant weight or stress. So handle with care. For best results, use a shower curtain liner that is standard thickness (medium or light) and standard length (72″ minimum). Ideally, your shower rod will be at standard height (66″ max) above the top of your tub. And make sure the small clips fit tightly on the arches, from the outside.


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