Destruct Hard Drive Data Eraser

Destruct Hard Drive Eraser – Erase your computer data speedily and entirely!

Are you promoting your computer or laptop, disposing of it, or just want a clean begin? If so, Destruct is for you!

Basic reformatting leaves your previous files and documents vulnerable to recovery, leaving you unprotected! Destruct is the revolutionary, military-grade USB gadget that wipes your difficult drive of previous files and data completely. No matter what tool is utilized there is no possibility of them becoming recovered!

Destruct Characteristics & Advantages:

  • Guaranteed to permanently erase challenging drive
  • Progressive compact USB device
  • Effortless-to-use instructions
  • When erased, information is not vulnerable to recovery by any resources
  • Have peace of thoughts when marketing or disposing of your computer

Warning: Destruct need to only be used when you want to completely erase your challenging disk after your information is erased, it can not be recovered.

  • PERMANENT DATA DESTRUCTION: Factory resetting is a flawed process that isn’t enough to keep deleted data from being recovered. When you reformat your computer’s hard drive, the drive is formatted to make the old data rewritable. For the average user this may be enough, but in order to destroy all secure data a deep reformatting of the local and external drive needs to be completed. Destruct is the true master reset you need to completely and permanently erase documents and files.
  • FRESH START: Whether you are selling your computer, disposing of it, or want to return it to its factory settings, Destruct will give your computer the clean start it needs. Destruct is a military-grade data eraser that allows you to completely get rid of confidential files and data stored on your computer. They will never be able to be recovered by other users. Enjoy peace of mind when you release your computer, knowing your private information is out of reach forever!
  • REVOLUTIONARY USB DEVICE: This compact USB device packs a big punch when it comes to its destructive abilities! Conventional computer reformatting simply isn’t enough when you want to completely erase your computer’s data. Destruct is the revolutionary master key that gets the job done without leaving a trace of old data to be recovered. Wipe it, clear it, erase it, delete it, how you say it doesn’t make a difference; Destruct will DESTROY it!
  • EASY-TO-USE: Erasing your hard disk is simple with Destruct. Simply plug it into a USB port, boot up your computer, select the hard disc you want to wipe clean, then let Destruct work it’s magic! Only one use of this device is needed to thoroughly overwrite your disk. Note: once the data on your hard disk has been erased, it is completely non-recoverable.
  • DESTRUCTION GUARANTEED: Factory resets and similar hard drive erasing products leave your important files, documents, and data vulnerable to recovery. Devices such as SISCO can be used to retrieve the information you thought was gone forever, allowing it to be accessed by other users. Destruct guarantees that no device, program, or software can recover what you have instructed Destruct to erase!

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Price: $ 23.99

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