LifeSaver Water Purification Bottle

Bacteria, viruses and harmful toxins suspended in water have been a problem for humans given that the dawn of time. To try and repair this issue, the Ancient Egyptians utilised charcoal to clean the water improving the taste and health. In the modern day era, we have refined the process to mroe extensively clean the water by means of the use of carbon filtration and reverse osmosis. These are great processes, but tough to offer you as a transportable water resolution. Nevertheless, with the Liberty Bottle, there is a now a resolution that substantially minimizes bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts that is not only transportable and light-weight, but removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, and 99.999% of all viruses! The Liberty bottle uses hollow fiber ultrafiltration technologies with a created-in fail protected that guarantees pathogens are trapped inside the 15 nanometer pores and will cease processing water (low flow, slow flow, or no flow) indicating time to modify the filter. Each and every ultrafiltration membrane can clean roughly 2000 liters of water and each and every carbon disk need to be modified each and every 500 liters, or if a taste profile is present.

  • FILTERS OUT 99.999% TOXINS, BACTERIA AND PATHOGENS – The dual system consisting of Hollow Fiber Membrane Technology (15nm) and carbon disks provide an outstanding filtration system removing basically any unwanted bacteria in your water.
  • FIRST WATER FILTER WITH INLINE PUMP – This is the world’s first and portable water bottle with an inline pump, complete with a 5ft scavenger hose and waterproof pouch. Attach the hose to bottom inlet port of the bottle. It pumps at a rate of 1.2L/m.
  • EASY & SIMPLE TO USE – This bottle comes with simple instructions to help you understand different methods of filtering your water, either directly through the bottle, or through the use of the scavenger hose. No strenuous sucking or pressing required.
  • BPA & BPS-FREE / P231 TESTED – This filter uses activated carbon and an ultrafiltration membrane to remove any toxins, bacteria and harmful protozoa from your water. Only high quality materials and standards are used in the production of this filter.
  • ONE YEAR WARRANTY – Authorized dealers of LifeSaver’s Liberty water bottle can offer a full 1 year order warranty when purchased at the full price. If you have an issue with the product reach out to us and we will contact the manufacturer.

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Price: $ 99.99

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