iPhone Stun Gun Case

The Yellow Jacket is the worlds only stun gun smartphone situation that fits correct onto your mobile phone so it is often with you when you want it most. Our patented 3-in-one smartphone situations goal is to protect you, your phone and enhance your phones battery life. The detachable stun gun has five.0mAh of stopping energy and comes with a dual push set off method to keep you protected from accidental discharge. The smartphone situation is constructed of tough Computer & ABS and TPU plastics which protect your phone while providing a waterproof outer shell. The 3800mAh constructed-in rechargeable battery gives up to 20 additional hours of standby time, although the LED battery indicator shows how considerably battery you have left so you can recharge it and be prepared for any predicament.


five.0mAh STUN GUN: The stun guns 5.0mAh discharge zaps your attacker into submission quickly stopping them in their tracks.
DUAL Safety MECHANISM: The dual security mechanism function contains two switches that are needed to activate the stun gun, retaining you protected by limiting any accidental discharge.
AMBIDEXTROUS Set off: The ambidextrously developed set off makes it really comfy to operate with ease utilizing either hand.
Resilient PROTECTIVE Case: Produced from Pc & ABS difficult plastic and TPU soft plastic materials, the smartphone case gives premium developed quality and rugged safety for your smartphone.
DETACHABLE STUN GUN PACK: The stun gun pack is detachable so you have the freedom to use it when you want and be prepared for any circumstance.
LED BATTERY INDICATOR: The LED battery indicator lets you know how a lot charge is left inside the battery so you can recharge it when lower on energy.
BACKUP BATTERY CHARGER: The 3800 mAh created-in rechargeable battery backup can charge your smartphone and offers up to twenty additional hours of standby time.


  • MULTI-FUNCTION DESIGN: The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Smart Cell Phone Case is the only 3-in-1 multi-function self-defense cell phone accessory for your iPhone 7/7s & 8. Protect yourself, protect your phone and charge your battery. Yellow Jacket’s patent design includes a highly durable, protective smartphone case, a detachable 7+ microcoulomb/5.0mAh stun gun and a built in 3800mAh rechargeable battery.
  • SELF-DEFENSE: The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun is one of the highest-powered (5.0mAh) stun gun devices on the market and is the only stun gun that recharges your phone. The stun gun is concealed so discretely into the smartphone case that it draws no suspicion or attention while carrying it in your hand and will be the best element of surprise. The loud, bright stun gun produces a painful sting with its 7+ microcoulomb/5.0mAh of stopping power that zaps your attacker into submission immediately.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Smartphone Case is completely safe and easy to use. The safety features includes a dual push trigger system in order to avoid any accidental discharge, while the ambidextrous trigger makes it comfortable to activate. Our LED indicator located on the back lets you know how much charge is left in the battery.
  • DURABLE AND VERSATILE: The stun gun smartphone case is made up of durable PC & ABS hard plastic and TPU soft plastic which are strong enough to protect your smartphone from accidental drops and wear & tear. Its outer shell is also waterproof enabling the stun gun to be used in many conditions. The stun gun is detachable and concealed within the case until you need it. Our 3800mAh built-in battery backup provides up to 20 additional hours of standby time.
  • WHY YELLOW JACKET: Many people do not feel comfortable carrying around a deadly force weapon so Yellow Jacket arms oneself with a non or less-lethal form of defense. Most Americans carry a cell phone with them daily making our stun gun smartphone case the perfect solution to protect yourself since it goes around your phone, making it easily accessible and practical. It’s not a stun gun designed to look like a phone, it is a state-of-the-art phone case that protects you and your phone.

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