This color-coded seeding template aids you maximize your vegetable backyard area. Fruit and vegetable seeds/seedlings are sown in particular positions inside a square foot, allowing adequate space for every to expand to maturity with no wasting space. Easy to use, the template shows appropriate seed spacing with color-coded holes matched to a planting chart of 46 kinds of vegetables, making it possible for you to speedily know exactly where to drop seed or seedling. A graduated dibber (dibbler) with depth markings removes the guesswork out of setting the appropriate planting depth. The dibber also functions as a seed spoon, which can be used with the included funnel to deposit small seeds accurately. When done seeding a square foot part, the impressions left in the soil allow you to line up the template for the next square foot, as a result letting you use it to plant your whole backyard. As every square foot is planted with a single kind of vegetable seed and harvested when prepared, Seeding Square enables for ease of replanting and crop rotation for these hunting to boost their backyard yield even more!

  • An amazing garden tool that gives the perfect amount of space to all seeds and seedlings when planting a vegetable garden – Letting you stamp and plant your garden in one-square-foot increments. (Note: For those planting larger gardens -Multiple stamps of the same type of seed(ling) creates rows.)
  • Its optimally spaced color-coded holes, combined with the planting guide, seed dibber/dibbler (with depth markings), seed spoon and funnel make planting a vegetable garden easy and fun.
  • Organized plants with no wasted space means: a garden will grow more vegetables, which results in fewer weeds. Weeding is made more efficient as any weeds that do come in are very easy to spot.
  • Perfect for: beginner gardeners, seasoned green thumbs, family gardens, kids gardens, classroom gardens, large gardens, small gardens, garden boxes, raised garden beds, community gardens…basically if you want to grow vegetables, this is the garden tool for you!
  • Seeding Square was made with durability in mind. It is made from sturdy ABS plastic. For replacement pieces or a free companion planting guide please contact your seller.

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B00US8ESWK Lawn & Patio Seeding Square ASY-FNL-C-0102-077 Seeding Square 1

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