Toe Stretcher & Separator

Stretch, to revive and exercise your toes in style with gems, the newest addition to the YogaToes of the family. With its easy-fit patented design, gems YogaToes therapy more accessible. Gems adaptation between and under the toes, gently offer apart and away from the balls of your feet even more benefits to going barefoot. Through the improvement of the toes and feet, the stones have a better balance and posture of the entire body.

  • JEWELS size: WOMEN’s US shoes size 6-11 / MEN’s US shoes size 7 to 10
  • to Avoid fakes! Patented YogaToes buy gemstones business seller “YogaToes”!
  • doctor Recommended to the toe, the stretchers to stretch the toes And increase flexibility
  • QUANTITY: ONE PAIR — Made in USA, BPA free-100% Medical Gel
  • Genuine And Honest Amazon tests. Read, Like precious stones, that Help to Combat, onions, plantar fasciitis And Many Other foot problems!

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B004HE94SE health and beauty, Yoga toes, Ice Blue unisex-adult NA YogaPro 1

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the price: $ 29.95

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