dbell – turn your doorbell into a security system


dbell – turn your doorbell into a security system

Smart homes are one of the most popular topics right now. To be able to turn normal product and gadgets in your home to smart gadgets helps people all around the world to simplify mundane everyday tasks and make something fun of it. dbell video doorbell does exactly that – it turns your doorbell into a smart home security system. The doorbell itself is an outdated option, its main function can be exchanged by a simple knock. dbell, however, revolutionizes the way doorbell works. It embraces the latest technological advancements, and uses them to make the best product possible, for home owners all over the world.

Your Smart Home starts with the doorbell. Say howdy to the most intelligent doorbell you will ever own. The novel digital video doorbell by dbell resolves the long-time question, “Who’s there?” in a brand new way. Furnished with a camera, microphone, loudspeaker, motion detector, night-sight vision and cabled or wireless networking, there’s not much this doorbell can’t do, regardless of where you happen to be.

With dbell, you’re constantly connected to your house, and the visitors traveling by. The built-in camera enables you to see everything that goes on outside of your door – whether it has happened during the day or night, you can see it in real-time. The dbell wifi doorbell camera
is easy to install, and the one-touch app on iOS and Android is very user friendly. It comes with indoor ringer and also you can get the additional indoor ringer for your home. When a visitor presses the call button – the ringer will ring as well as your smart phone – it a great feature set.

I spent a lot of time looking for a smart doorbell that would also 1) work as an IP camera with my Synology Surveillance Station and 2) support stand-alone chimes so that I don’t always have to have my phone on me. Most of the other smart doorbells either do not support always-on IP camera functionality/separate chimes, are prohibitively expensive or need a separate monthly subscription. I finally came across the dbell and am really happy with it:

Make your life simpler, and more secure with dbell video doorbell.

Website link: https://www.dbell.ca/

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