Recreating the Manufacturing of Superior Quality Cutlery in Solingen

London, UK (July Third, 2017) –

STERNSTEIGER, a maker of assorted steel goods, is debuting its first cutlery series on Kickstarter beginning July 5th.

The new cutlery series is fabricated out of 18-10 stainless steel in Solingen, Germany, where STERNSTEIGER’s chief manufacturing and logistics installation is located.

The maker claims that the cutlery re-imagines classic cutlery patterns from the United Kingdom and Germany while upholding the maximal fatigue resistance for use in dish washing machines.

The company picked Kickstarter as the place to launch this novel product. The forthcoming campaign can be discovered here:

Additionally, the company published a full press kit that has been made accessible here:


STERNSTEIGER is a young brand name in steel trade goods. Their product portfolio comprises scissors for master hair artists, advanced long-lasting chef knives, kitchenware and cutlery.

STERNSTEIGER’s chief fabricating and logistics installation is in the “city of blades” Solingen, Germany. It likewise has spread its wings throughout the globe with offices in the Canada, France, and the UK.

STERNSTEIGER UK Ltd. Is established in London, UK, and is the territorial office of STERNSTEIGER for the UK.

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