Getting Started With VMware NSX

VMware NSX enables the generation of complete networks in software and inserts them in the hypervisor layer, extracted from the physical hardware that is underlying. Every network element can be supplied in minutes, without the need of modifying the application.

VMware NSX – Network Virtualization

For IT, the Network has become an operational barrier and NSX eliminates this barrier. The service delivery times are transformed from weeks to seconds through Programmatic provisioning. The laws of physics are not changed by NSX; the packets do not move quickly through the network. NSX changes the operational model of networking, which integrated with storage and compute virtualization provides a never before possible IT for the business.

VMware NSX – Security and Networking Capabilities

On any network hardware, VMware NSX can support any hypervisor. From any Cloud Management Platform, it can be consumed through an API. It can support any application without any changes. NSX is a network virtualization platform which allows one to develop a rich set of logical networking services.

VMware NSX System Architecture

The NSX Network virtualization platform consists of several components which include the NSX vSwitch, which is a component of the supervisor and is an ending point for the overlay networking which is a controller that programs the various parts and primarily is the system control plane delivering the API based access from the NSX manager. The controller has the ability to provide extensions to third party partners.

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Deploying the Network Virtualization with VMware NSX

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You can virtualize your network in 3 easy steps as shown above.

Use Cases for NSX


NSX inserts the security functions into the hypervisor. NSX provides granular security and micro-segmentation to the individual workload, enabling a data center that is radically more secure. The security policies progress with the workloads, independent of the location of workloads in the network topology.


NSX enables you to regard your physical network as a transport capacity pool with security and network services attached to the workloads utilizing a policy-driven approach. This removes the bottlenecks related to networks based on hardware and automates the network operations.

Application Continuity

From the underlying hardware, NSX abstracts networking and attach security and networking policies to the workloads that are associated. The data and applications can be accessible and reside anywhere. From one datacenter to another, deploy the workloads or move them into a hybrid cloud environment.


NSX enables the granular security and micro-segmentation of the workloads in virtualized networks, separating the sensitive systems and decreasing both scope and risk of compliance. utilize NSX to help demonstrate and make sure compliant operations with several regulations like DISA STIG, CJIS, SOC, FedRAMP, HIPAA and PCI DSS.

VMware NSX is used by many top organizations around the world. Many software professionals as well as job seekers are trying to take up NSX as their career because of its adoption by multiple top companies. Many new advancements are coming up daily and the number of job opportunities in this field are increasing exponentially. So, many people are obtaining VMware NSX training and gaining expertise are the organizations are preferring only the people with high expertise in this area rather than the ones with basic knowledge.


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