The Mozambique technology company Kamaleon is providing rural areas in Africa access to health and educational information via their innovative mobile Community Tablet.

Lack of Internet access stands in the way of social development and economic growth in Africa. It also cuts off entire communities from the world around them.

Kamaleon has developed the innovative Community Tablet, a mobile computer equipped with touch screen displays and virtual keyboards. The computer is housed on a trailer that can be transported quickly and easily.

In order to function, the system does not need a traditional power source as it’s powered by solar panels and has an integrated refrigeration system to cool down the equipment. Because of its portability and no setup required, it offers a unique solution for travelling the vast African terrain to bring vital information and Internet access right to the fingertips of those who need it most.

The Community Tablet aims to promote digital literacy by enhancing traditional learning with digital libraries for students and the local community to access e-courses and e-books.

While the learning curve isn’t steep, Kamaleon wants to ensure that people have the knowledge and know-how to use the Internet, so the company also offers training on how to use the Community Tablet and all its features.

In order to further promote digital inclusion, the Community Tablet does not charge a use fee for the end user or the community.

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