When at times, there is no hope left and there is darkness all around someone appears as a torch and shows us the right path. The way which leads to light, humanity and generosity. There are very few kind of people who take daring and courageous steps to help and support others.

Joshua Ferdinand is one of those persons who is helping others without any sort of meaning or profit just for the sake of mankind. He has collected “one million Dogecoins” and is ready to give it for free! It is such a praise worthy act, and is being appreciated all over the world. It is a kind of movement, which would be always remembered in good words. He is so munificent and open hearted that he is just thinking to help others in any kind of way he could. His work is worth mentioning and that he tries so hard to collect dogecoins in such a busy schedule.

Helping others is one of the biggest quality a person could have. There are very few kind of people who have this trait and as it is truly said by someone that a person’s one good deed covers all his bad deeds”. A person who has feelings and care for others is the best person this world could have.

His work is an inspiration for millions and millions of people sitting at different corners of world. Although being such a busy person he is taking out time for this and his, this property explains his character and the positivity of his mind. It explains the purity of his heart.

Joshua Ferdinand has become the voice of many people who were fearful and gutless to ask help for themselves. He has prayers of all those people whom he has helped. He became the first rain drop for people to help others by all the ways he could.

Many people are impressed from him and are trying to help one another, not only financially but physically as well. All we can say about him is that he played his best role being a human.