Choosing the Right CRM

A CRM software is of paramount importance to a company especially e-commerce and business to consumer type of firms. Let’s compare some options to gauge which CRM options are most beneficial to your situation.

What is a CRM?

Well, CRM or Customer Relationship management is basically a name for all the practices, tools and strategies a company uses to create an improved business relationship with customers This is done by collecting & analysing data from various stages of interaction with customers. Everything from purchase behaviour to preferences to responses to marketing material and social media. Automation is the key to improving efficiency and your CRM system needs to provide exactly that, whilst facilitating a quick and more importantly accurate analysis of the data gathered.

What must your CRM system contain?

This is a bit of a tricky question to answer as this very subjective to the company involved. The whole point of adopting a CRM is to automate and cut costs and analysis times, hence we can rule out the systems that will cost an arm and a leg to pay for.

We can compare a few CRM software vendors to find out what they have to offer. SugarCRM, SalesForce Pro, Microsoft Dynamics are three heavy weights in the CRM industry. SuiteCRM is a great platform as well that offers many features. The beauty of suiteCRM is that it is absolutely free and you get a few more features too! All four of these vendors’ offers services like campaign, account, lead tracking to outlook integration, report generation and mobile capability.

How does SuiteCRM compare?

Let us do a SuiteCRM vs SugarCRM comparison first as these two platform offer the most value for money. It offers maps, event tracking/ logging as well as invoice generation too in addition to all the features SugarCRM has to offer. The system is priced at a hefty £4800 whilst SuiteCRM is free. Please have a look at the comparison shown at

A quick SuiteCRM comparison indicates you can get better marketing, sales force, contact centre and Geolocation automation with SuiteCRM rather than with Microsoft dynamics and Salesforce Pro. SalesForce Pro will offer you a couple advantages on the transactional processes front it may not justify the hefty 9000 pound price tag for your company. Especially if your firm is in its infancy.


Still undecided?

Not many of these CRM vendors tend to offer you a demo. You can head over to to register for a free SuiteCRM demo. You don’t need to undergo the hassle of providing a payment method or credit card details. Microsoft dynamics and Salesforce Pro do offer trials as well but their software and support tends to be suited for larger sized business alone.

It is impossible of course to adopt a one-size-fits all approach for the system, but SuiteCRM is the platform most likely to provide an adaptive approach across all touch points between your business and the consumer. An intelligent approach is an absolute necessity to build loyalty, trust and gain insight from your customers. Reduce costs and improve efficiency by adopting a CRM platform for your business and increase profitability.

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