Razer Ouroboros Mouse Review

It must be something really particular, when you are attempting to sell a gaming mouse for more than Image result for british pound100. This can be seen with Mad Catz with their mouse the RAT9 and now it can also be seen in Razer who are coming out with an interesting new concept which is similar to the RAT mouse.

You all do not have to be Richard Feynman to begin seeing a pattern here; these hyper- rodents that are high-priced are not wired, with high frequency wireless connections and high sensitivity levels – and the Razer Ouroboros mouse has the highest of all the DPI settings we have ever seen.

The clear answer is no, as it can since it is throwing in as many extras which is something that Razer appears to comprehend.

By attempting to create the layout as customization as possible it is aping the RAT show. Yet, unlike the RAT rodents, it is offering that degree of customization to everyone – not only right handed gamers.

The two-handed design will just truly occupy the subdued left-handed minority of game players, as it looks on the desk, however it is a nicely constructed little of kit and feels of the same quality in the hand.

There are multiple fasteners it is possible to add to the sides of the chassis, offering handle or support either side, and there is no need. The bits are attached via powerful magnets, which give no hint of neglecting mid-frag.

We found it almost impossible to completely trust the mouse in either background use or in-game.

We are not totally certain which is at fault – whether it is the software or the hardware – but every single time you attempt to modify DPI settings the mouse fights to keep up, introducing substantial levels of lag for extended seconds in-game.

The battery operation leaves a lot to be desired, also.

It is another story when it is attached though, abruptly feeling like the high end mouse it should. The tracking is not bad, though perhaps not exactly in the exact same league as the M65 or the Ballista from Corsair and Shogun Bros and it feels extremely reactive in-match.

But, the very fact that we’re still tending says a great deal regarding the Ouroboros. The customization choices aren’t substantially more than you get using a RAT, as well as any cost premium such technology might usually order is negated by the inferior wireless operation.

It is a genuine pity. If the Ouroboros had been sent by Razer as a wired mouse using a GBP70-GBP80 price tag, it might have gotten a lot more lovin’. As it’s however, there is simply no way we’re able to advise this high-spec wireless rodent.

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