Compact Apartment? Meet the compact Kamstrup Energy Meter.

I recently completed one of the most stressful periods of my life by finally finding a new apartment to call my own… Its pretty small, but I love it!

It’s part of a new build and I wanted to take a look around at some of the ‘techy’ installations, so as usual, my inquisitive nature as a plumber led me to have a look at the energy metering installed. (A bit nerdy I know… but hey!)

Now I wasn’t expecting too much, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t any of the older bulky units I’ve had to deal with at work (mentioning no names).

To my surprise I came across something I hadn’t seen before – a small meter with a really nice design, built with quality materials which looked really high end.

Introducing the All New Kamstrup Multical 302 Energy Meter.


I did some digging and found the Kamstrup Multical 302 being sold online at The more I researched on their website, the more I got excited by this compact little meter. Let me try and explain why.

Here’s what I look for when specifying meters for my own jobs:

Something Easy To Install

Needs no explanation really. Bulky, difficult to install meters in what are usually tiny spaces just doesn’t work. Luckily, the compact dimensions of the Kamstrup Multical 302 mean that it can pretty much be installed anywhere. Not only that, it can also be rotated during installation enabling you to read the display at all times. Ideal! 

Something Robust, Flexible & Durable

The metal flow sensor of the Kamstrup 302 can work up to 130˚C, so it’s effectively protected against condensation AND can be used in both PN25 and PN16 systems. Also really cool is the flow sensor has been designed using a unique ultrasound technique, which gives the meter a guaranteed longer life – even when used in magnetite-containing heating systems.

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