This post is about large data files and what a pain-in-the-ass they can be.

You know what I mean. You have several attachments – a document, spreadsheet, video – and you need to send them on to your team. You attach all of them to an email draft, press send, and… Wait! “Cannot be sent. Attachment size exceeds 2 MB. (or some other pathetic maximum)”

In a panic, you figure if you compress the files maybe they will be small enough to make it past that evil mail traffic cop. You try again. Nope, still too big”.

So, now you’re getting pissed. You modify the email draft, explaining the problem with the file sizes. You attach just the document to the email and send it on. Success!

You figure the spreadsheet is a bit bigger, but not by much. So you draft the “part 2” email, attach the spreadsheet, and send it on. So far so good.

Finally, you draft email “part 3”, attach the video, and press send. “Cannot be sent. Attachment size exceeds 2 MB”.

Crap! Your dropbox bandwidth is at it’s max, you hate using Google docs for secure data, and loading the data to a thumbdrive is out of the question. What to do… what to do?

The Solution

Enter, a service that allows you to send large files with ease!

The PlusTransfer website is very simple to use and is designed to be newbie friendly. Signing up is not required, and you don’t even have to reveal your name. All that’s needed is a “source” email address, a “target” email address, and a short message to send along with the large file. The files are quickly uploaded to a secure cloud-based location, and the recipient can download from there for up to two weeks.

The best part? It’s completely free for files up to 5 MB.

Pretty good deal, huh?

I highly recommend visiting the website and checking out all the other stuff the have to offer.

And now, for our guest article….

Quality Web Video Conferencing Applications With Ratings Of The Best Online Conferencing Web Interface

Web conferencing system allows you to communicate with different people living in different parts of the world. If the location of the person whom you want to communicate is static then you can go for the fixed connection system. Firewalls are required to prevent the attack from hackers.

So, you must ensure that the system selected must provide the necessary number of simultaneous windows. It also helps to save your money. If you select the system which contains the exact number of simultaneous windows which are required then it may not be possible to increase the window number if you need to increase it in the future.

Web Conferencing solutions are actually used for business purposes. Similar features included in the above mentioned web conference solutions include file sharing, whiteboarding, PowerPoint presentation and annotation. Genesys supports additional features like slide show, live video conferencing and integration of audio and video along with the presentation.

If you find it suitable during the trial period then you can purchase it. Video conferencing is also used. You can either use text based conversations or video based discussion or audio based discussion.

Lots of money can be saved if you use web conferencing service. Strong relationship with the clients is the key to success in any business. Certain services also support many other features.

If you want to know more about web conference software reviews then you should have a look at goto webinar reviews as well as mega meeting

Before buying a program you must make sure that it contains the necessary features. Nowadays, most of the programs do not require any extra hardware. Free programs are generally utilised for recreational purpose.

It is used for online teaching. As it involves data transfer, the speed of the internet connection must be good. This server will help you to make sure that your web conferencing equipments do not suffer from any kind of problems.