Technology has evolved over the last decade with every year introducing a new application to improve process and service delivery for various sectors.

However, the pace at which technology has moved has left developing continents like Africa playing catch-up one leg at a time with the continent missing out on platforms that would strengthen growth and key sector development!!

Our team attended the Technology Eclipse Symposium in Mauritius on the 21st of December that Zimbabwe-born entrepreneur and CTO of Ashcroft Holdings subsidiary AKG which she was recently inaugurated as a senior partner Dr Chiedza Kambasha stated that:

These are exciting times for Africa and especially with the technology that will benefit the healthcare sector as my people will no longer have to die and suffer in anticipation of finding organ donors.

I definitely believe that for surgeons to Implant 3D-Printed Titanium Ribs and save a cancer patients life is the future, and Africa has no future without technology.

The symposium ended with a presentation of synthetic blood products that have been used in Australia using cow plasma to restore life.

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