In this modern world, where our lives are greatly affected by science and technology, where machines have worked a great deal to provide us with comfort and help us save time. Vehicles, are the inventions that have given us the freedom to travel great distances without wasting so much time as it used to happen in the old days. But with the many advantages that come with these inventions, there comes great disadvantages too, and today I am going to discuss a similar disadvantage that come with vehicles, especially motorcycle and bicycle road accidents.

The accidents on bikes are most of the time fatal. Motorcycles in my opinion are the most dangerous vehicles to travel around on (Side note: But I still ride them), especially without safety gear. We always hear about people dying on road accidents, and a lot of them are bike riders and almost all the time they are not wearing any safety gear.

In this article I want introduce to you some safety gear I came across that day while surfing the internet. NightRage Backpack made by the UNDERGROUND TECHNOLOGY Company. These backpacks are not boring at all, they are pretty stylish and protective, which is the main purpose they provide. These are made for laptops in particular but they have pretty large storage areas and can fit pretty much anything you want. The backpacks have a hard shell, so your laptop and valuables will be safe. The backpacks also have integrated lights, and come in different colors. The main advantage of these lights is that in the night time you can easily be visible by other drivers on the road, because according to the US DOT about 60% of all motorcycle accidents occur at night and according to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 48% of all deadly bicycle accidents occur between the hours of 4 p.m. and 12 a.m. (Midnight). Another advantage of the backpack with lights is that even if you fall off from your bike, it can minimize the damage you take from the fall because of its design and can completely negate it if you fall on your back, but you should always wear all types of safety gear to be safe on a bike and minimize the chance of death after an accident.

It is about time that we try to understand that safety gear for riders of motorcycles and bicycles is a must. People sometimes feel ashamed of wearing safety gear, but is it worth your life? Think.

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