Riding a bicycle is fun and exciting experience. However, you may have faced several difficult situations while cycling, and imagine ‘this kind of product would be great to have…’ BM WORKS decided to become someone who makes products you wished for.

Why Road Wallet ZIP Mini? Have you felt uncomfortable while riding a bike due to heavy and thick wallet with unnecessary items?

Road Wallet ZIP Mini is a slim and light cycling wallet for cyclists to carry necessary items – IDs, cards, cash and coins. Also, it comes with great look and grip from perforated leather. Experience big improvement by small changes.


Simple Design with Colour Zippers

Black/White base with colour zippers gives clean, neat, and unique look

High Quality Artificial Perforated Leather

Perforated leather offers the look of real cyclist as well as the feeling of genuine leather when you touch

Water Resistant

Water Resistant Artificial Leather protects your items from the wet caused by sweat. Product is NOT waterproof, but will stay well against rain

Practical and Effective Storage

Inside Coin Wallet helps you organize and carry IDs, cards, cash and coins effectively even in this small space

Cog Zipper Handle

10T Cog Zipper handle reminds you of your passion toward cycling

4 Editions Available

Road Wallet ZIP Mini comes in 4 editions – Black, France, Germany, Italia

*Product does NOT come with any accessories shown in the picture.

Product Features

  • Water Resistant Cycling Zipper Wallet to keep in your jersey pocket while riding
  • Slim and Light design, Made with Artificial Perforated Leather
  • Convenient to organize IDs, cards, cash and coins with Inside Coin Pocket
  • 4 Editions Available: Black, France, Germany, Italia
  • Size: 85x100mm, Weight: 30g

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