You love travel!

Have you ever had headaches on organizing your tons of electronics, tons of chargers on travel?

Grid-It PLUS is a good anodyne.

Your electronic gadgets are lambkins where you want them to stay. No cords tangling, no gadgets sliding around and no troublesome scrabbling around. Save your time and keep your mood good on travel.

Grid-It PLUS is the upgraded version of Grid-It. Over 1,000 customers welcomed Grid-It. But Grid-It also received many complaints mainly on two aspects: weight and odor.

How do we provide you with satisfied products?

We contact the manufacturer personally and regularly, propose our strict standards for the PLUS, increase its costs, use new advanced materials and improve its quality.

How is the PLUS?

PLUS is only 0.55 pounds or 8.8 ounces, much lighter and perceptibly better made than Grid-It. So many travelers choose the PLUS and would never use Grid-It again. We use it by ourselves and love it.

Before every travel, sort your gadgets on the PLUS. Its patent anti-skid rubber bands keep your electronic gadgets firmly in place. And you can put your paper or small items in its back zipper pocket. Then Put the PLUS into your carry-on. The size of 12.2 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches is the most popular size selected by most of customers. Then, just go, begin your exciting travel. When you need your items during the travel, just take it out. Every electronic gadget is smiling at you, preparing for your need. Efficiency and Nice mood.

Grid-It PLUS is also a good gift to your kids, family members, friends and colleagues.

Click the Add to Cart button and Take your Grid-It PLUS with you right now. Enjoy travel, Enjoy efficiency and Enjoy your good mood.

Product Features

  • Upgraded version of Grid-It; Much lighter, less odor and evidently better made; Save your carryon weight to take more stuff on your business travel
  • No cords tangling, no gadgets sliding around and no troublesome scrabbling around; Enjoy the efficiency and your good mood on the go
  • Help speed up your passage through airport security checks; Save your time and help you escape from check chaos soon
  • Good representation of innovation and efficiency; Most suitable size selected by over 1,000 customers for your laptop bag, travel case or backpack
  • Exclusively sold; Money-back satisfaction guarantee,authenticity guarantee and free return guarantee

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