<p>From the rise of our nation to the harrowing journey of the Last Son of Krypton, there’s nothing America loves more than a great origin story—except for pizza. Turn a story page in the book of taste with this deal, good for $20 worth of Giordano’s famous stuffed pizza and other Italian favorites, yours for only $10.</p>
<p>The origin of Giordano’s famous stuffed pizza begins in a small northern Italian town close to Torino. There Mama Giordano became a local legend cooking her much beloved annual Italian Easter Pie, a delicious double-crusted, masterpiece stuffed with ricotta cheese. A Legend amongst townsfolk, the pie’s recipe became a sacred Giordano family tradition, which passed down to sons Efren and Joseph, eventually migrated across the Atlantic and placed roots in Chicago—where it has been winning over hearts and stomachs ever since.</p>

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