EDC 8 in 1 Bottle Opener Keychain Gadget Multi-function Key Clip

EDC Stainless 8 in 1 Bottle Opener Keychain Gadget Multi-function Key Clip
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 2″x0.75″x0.125″
Thickness: 0.1″

The key tool simply wraps stylishly around any standard door key- and uses the actual door key to increase leverage for the bottle opener- and for the 3 different sizes of screwdriver- including the essential eyeglass screwdriver-it also includes a nail file- nail cleaner- thread cutter and even a pair of tweezers.

Tool Included:
Large screwdriver
Medium screwdriver
Small screwdriver
Nail file
Finger nail cleaner
Bottle cap opener
Wire cutter

Features: Uses full 5 cr13 stainless steel- strong and durable.
Each product are oxidation treatment- scratches and rust prevention
Add a silicone ring- reduce noise caused by key shaking and rubbing.
Only the size of a key size- not a burden to carry.
Fits for any standard door key. Package included:
1x Key Clip

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