Survival Multi Tool Card

This survival tool card is an awesome little pocket gadget that can be put to use in many scenarios. It is gadget you will want to have with you at all times, whether it be hiking, camping, fishing or on your day to day ordeals. This card measures 3.4″ X 2.2″ which is the same exact size as your average credit card, and is only 0.2″ thick, which means this survival card will fit in your wallet just lie your credit card.

You will never have to be worried again about being stuck with out a screw driver or knife or even if you lose your direction this tiny survival gadget is equipped with a compass to get you back on track.

10 Tools in 1 Card

1. 3.19″ razor sharp serrated knife blade

2. 5mm 6mm 7mm Nut or bolt wrench built in the knife blade

3. Compass

4. magnifying glass

5. CM ruler and inch ruler

6. Can opener

7. Flat screw driver

8. Filip screw driver

9. Tooth pick

10. Tweezers

Product Features

  • ALL IN 1 SURVIVAL CARD/POCKET KNIFE: This pocket knife survival card has all the tools you will need
  • WALLET SIZE CARD: This survival card is the same size as your credit card.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT YEST STRONG AND DURABLE: Made from thermoplastic resin and stainless steel
  • RAZOR SHARP SERRATED BLADE: This pocket knife tool is equipped with a stainless steel serrated knife
  • KEY CHAIN HOLE: Don’t carry a wallet or purse? No problem, you can hang it from a key chain