Exec Tough is offers essential protection for the Galaxy S6

Get your Galaxy S6 geared up with the right amount of protection with the roocase Exec Tough. This is a serious case with just the right design, to keep your device ready for the unexpected. Co-molded with soft durable TPU and strong hard polycarbonate, this case provides the much needed security where it’s so desperately needed.

Exec Tough’s Co-molded construction

Co-molding provides the absolute best type of protection in comparison to a dual layer case. You get rigidness, pliability and protection in all the right places. Rigid Polycarbonate provides structural rigidity as well as backside impact protection and a firm grasp on the device.  The soft Thermo polyurethane (TPU) provides the corners and sides with shock absorbing protection from drops. The entire cast is built as a single, solid, unibody frame, making this a perfect case for Galaxy S6 owners.

Full back and corner protection with screen frame guard and dust shields

The screen frame guard covers the corners of your Galaxy S6 adding protection where it counts and with the additional dust shields on the volume and power buttons, this will prevent dust and lint from entering into those small crevices of your Galaxy S6.

Extra large cutouts for a variety of Lightning cables and audio connections

The Exec Tough comes with extra large button cutouts for even 3rd party cables, making this case an ideal solution for any Galaxy S6 user.

Product Features

  • Precise cutouts for Samsung Galaxy S6 (2015)
  • Extremely durable Co-molded TPU and Polycarbonate design
  • Superior stability for drop protection and impact resistance
  • Dust shields for power button and volume controls
  • Screen frame guard encases corners for added protection

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