LED Screen USB Port Volt/Amp Reader Measurement Current Voltage Tester/meter/test Multimeter Current Monitor (3V-8V,0A-3A),Best Voltmeter for Smartphone Tablet Gadget USB Charger Solar Panel Battery Charging Status (Blue)


1. Model: KW-202

2. Type: USB Voltage Current Detector

3. Color: Blue

4. Dimensions:(5.2 x 2.0 x 1.5)cm (L x W x H)

5. Working Voltage: DC3V – 8V

6. Working Current: 0A – 3A

7. Voltage Resolution: 1mA

8. Current Resolution: 10mV

9. Voltage Error: <± 1%

10. Current Error: <± 2%

11. Full Scale Pressure Drop: 200mV(When Measuring Current)

12. Working Temperature: 0 – 60℃

13. Excellent testing and troubleshooting tool to check the performance of USB power sources

14. Suitable for USB ports on your computer, cellphone, or mobile power supply

15. Mini, lightweight size, no need for extra power supply

16. Provide accurate measuring and stable performance

17. Display the USB port’s output voltage and amperage alternately

18. Made of high-grade material, resist interference and heat, reliable and durable

Package Includes:

1 x USB Current Voltage Detector

Product Features

  • 3V-8V Voltage and 0A-3A Current Test Range Support with Accurate Readings
  • Full Scale Pressure Drop: 200mV(When Measuring Current)
  • Premium Quality Low Cost Solution to Check USB Charging Current and Voltage in Instantly
  • Adopt new generation integrated circuit board with precision reference source
  • Featuring plug-and-play design, it is easy to use

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