Designed in the UK by swimmers and triathletes, the Pool-Mate is a fully automatic lap and stroke counter for swimmers. Containing accurate motion sensors and unique software algorithms, the Pool-Mate automatically recognizes each swim stroke and change of lap so you can concentrate on swimming – not counting. The Pool-Mate will record and display lap count, time, average strokes per lap, speed, distance, calories and efficiency. The computer has enough memory to store and recall up to 400 sessions, and will record the same data for individual sets within a session (up to 99 sets) so you can evaluate performance changes across a session. The Pool-Mate also offers all the usual digital watch functions such as time, date and alarm, backlight, and the chronograph mode can time anything – open water swims, triathlons, track sessions, etc. Water resistant up to 50 meters.

Product Features

  • Automatically counts laps, strokes per lap, speed, calories, distance (yards or meters)
  • Efficiency index allows you to monitor changes to your swim technique over time
  • Records data for total session and individual sets
  • Memory stores up to 400 swim sessions
  • Water resistant to 50 M