Built for survival with a rugged and ready look. Now when you purchase your Paracord Bracelet with a Built-in Bottle Opener from Adventures Depot you have something unique, reliable, yours.

See that box with smile and feel that warm mix of excitement and relief. UPS has come. Open it! You’ll find more than a paracord survival bracelet inside, you’ll find the commitment from Adventures Depot. The people who make this, stand with it all the way.

Look at it! Well built. SOLID and FLEXIBLE. SOFT and STRONG. Tight wrap – 9 inches long, 3 cm wide. But why are the Adventures Depot paracord bracelets better than the rest? Simple. We understand the MIL-C-5040H and how it was modified to the current standards defined by the Parachute Industry Association. We design better than anyone. We don’t make buckles that come in pieces for you to lose. We use the best 7 core Type III, 550 paracord. Tough stuff.

It’s time to test the bottle opener. Grab a bottle. Tap on the side. That clink that you hear tells you the all-metal bottle opener is THE REAL THING.

Then wrap the paracord around your wrist. Good and secure. It doesn’t just look good, it feels good. Put it on. Take it off. Admire. Repeat. But it’s not a toy, it’s a TOOL. Soon you’re snapping it on like a pro. Next you won’t want to take it off.

And about the whistle that’s built into the clasp. We warn you it’s loud. Better to try this outside. Your dog probably won’t like it but you will.

So now you’ve got it. You’ve looked it over and all is good. It’s nice KNOWING you made a good choice.

You’ll wear it a lot. Your friends will notice. Some may not say anything for a while. Tell them where you got it, or better yet, open a beer for them as though it’s nothing new. Buy an extra and hold it back. Toss it to an unsuspecting buddy after he admires yours.

Product Features

  • Wider than most on the market, with a nice tight weave. It’s built well and comfortable to wear.
  • Tactical gear any outdoors guy can use. Great for hiking, camping, or backpacking. Go off-road!
  • From Military to Motorcycle to Mountain Bike. Every bit heavy duty. Disaster emergency preparedness.
  • Adhering to Parachute Industry Association standards. Strong, lightweight, and waterproof accessory.
  • The feeling of security on your wrist, along with your all-metal bottle opener when you order yours.