YUGIOH Tournament Ready Gadget Deck and exclusive Phantasm Gaming Token

One in hand ready to ship Gadget Deck containing the following 40 cards:

Monsters (21)

2- Green Gadget

3- Kagetokage

1- Machina Cannon

1- Machina Force

3- Machina Fortress

3- Machina Gearframe

2- Machina Peacekeeper

2- Red Gadget

2- Scrap Recycler

2- Yellow Gadget

Spells (14)

2- Double Summon

3- Iron Call

1- Limiter Removal

3- Smashing Ground

1- Book of Moon

2- Dark Hole

2- Mystical Space Typhoon

Traps (5)

3- Call of the Haunted

1- Compulsory Evacuation Device

1- Torrential Tribute

You will receive all of the following cards listed above. All cards will be NM condition unless otherwise stated. Set, Rarity, and Edition will vary and cannot be special requested. These lists are constructed with lowest rarities we have available in stock.

Near Mint (NM)- Cards with this grade will contain no more than two micro blemishes.(A micro blemish is a small almost invisible scratch or ding). NM cards do not have visible signs of play which means no whitening, no fading, no edge wear, no corner or side dings, no creases, no tears, no rips, no small pieces missing, and no inking of the face or borders of the card.

Product Features

  • YUGIOH Tournament Ready Gadget Deck
  • Includes 40 carefully chosen cards perfect for Gadgets!
  • Great for beginners and competitive players!
  • Amazing gift!
  • Includes one exclusive Phantasm Gaming Card Token

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