About Our FlexTech™
All our FlexTech™ is defined by functionality and elegance, and the and the Flexion™ Selfie Stick
is no exception. The customizable holder means you will have universal phone compatibility,
and our adjustable stand enables a diverse range of photography options.

Perfect for All Uses
Plan for the unplanned with the most customizable selfie stick on the market. The standby time
of the Flexion™ Selfie Stick make it practical enough for everyday use, and the sturdy build provides
phone security in a variety of environments.

The Most Practical Stick on the Market
Our Selfie Stick allows multiple points of customization and adjustment. The holder will
securely fashion to nearly all phones, and the combination of the easy-to-use handle button
with the adjustable stick allows for easy, brilliant photography.

For Optimal Usage:
Simply secure your phone in the holder and adjust the Flexion™ Selfie Stick to your desired length.
From there, turn on your Selfie Stick, pair with your phone via Bluetooth, and take photos through the
handle button.

Product Features

  • Customizable orientation: the monopod can extend as long as 3.5 feet, has a phone holder compatible with all phones.
  • Simple to use: to use, simply turn on the selfie stick and pair it with your phone via Bluetooth to take photos with the accessible handle button.
  • For the selfie artist – the adjustable holder allows a variety of shooting angles from traditional selfies to above-crowd shots.
  • Fully compatible with most smartphones, including Android and Apple.
  • Package contents: Flexion™ Monopod Selfie Stick, charging cable, and user manual.

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