7colors Case LED Keychain Light 7 X LED Mini Micro Black Keychain Key Ring Super Flash Bright Flashlight White Light

White light 20000mcd LED Flashlight White Torch Key Chains Ring Keyrings

A tiny, multi-function, featherweight and super-bright key-chain to light your way in the dark. This micro-light is a remarkably bright and mini torch. It has unbreakable bulb and a virtually indestructible case, making it probably the best key-chain torch on the planet. Powered by a replaceable lithium battery, you turn it on simply by squeezing it or for permanent light, just flick the mini off/on switch. It’s dazzlingly bright and no bigger than the base of a standard key, so it won’t bulk up your pocket in an unseemly and embarrassing way! It’s definitely the best made and brightest key light we’ve even seen.

Brand New LED White LIGHT Key Ring On/Off switch & pressure switch.

Super-bright LED.

Roughly the size of a key.

Battery: 2X CR2016 3.0V button cell (included)

Size: 4 x 2 x 0.8cm

7 Colour case available: Black Purple Yellow Pink Blue Green Transparent

LED color: White

IV: 20000 mcd

Package include:

  2 x White LED Ultra Bright Keychain (Color random)

Product Features

  • 1.great gadgets for dark parking areas, Camping/Hunting/Hiking, Emergency use
  • 2.With keychain, put it with your keys, take anywhere you like
  • 3.Dual function On/Off switch and Squeeze Button(Press or Pulling)
  • 4.Perfect for your portable carry-on tool or for your friends gift
  • 5.Package: 7x keychain light

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