New 3.5 Watt Spy Bluetooth Earpiece Watch Invisible Nano Bug Covert System Wireless Earphone Spy Gadget

2014 new product. Spy Bluetooth Watch has a build-in 3.5 watt amplifier to drive all kinds of wireless earpieces within 40 cm. It’s designed for earpiece users who need helps in special cases like school examinations, business meetings, security guards and so on. Pair Bluetooth watch with mobile phone within 30 seconds. Then you can hear via earpiece and talk with your partner via mobile phone which is hidden in pocket or briefcase. The new Spy Bluetooth Watch features for exclusive design and max optimized configurations as belows:

Product Features

  • Enjoy covert conversation via mobile phone
  • Hidden Invisible Earpiece Bug
  • Special System for Private Communication
  • Highly sensitive microphone on neckloop (can be detached and hidden)
  • Loud Voice – 100% Satisfaction

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