Safeguard Your Phones by holding it safely where you can view and operate conveniently, totally Hands-Free.

Excellence 4 in 1 multi-positioning of various view for your comfort.

– Windshield: Easily attached to any windshield location by pressing the lever of the powerful suction cup.

– Dashboard: Can be applied to any dashboard area that is smooth enough for the suction sup to hold. For rough surface, an adapter circular disk are used as a base for this suction cup to grip.

– Air-Vent: More convenient view from front panel Air-Vent by easily inserting theadjustable spring loaded base to it.

– CD-Slot: Also applicable by inserting the base holder into the CD opening slot.

– Applicable for GPS phone, PDA, iPod, Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 S2 Note, Apple iPhone 6 plus 5C 5S 4S 3, HTC One, Sony Ericsson, Nokia & Blackberry, etc.

This Holder Main Benefits is providing you great conveniences, which allows you to communicate effectively and drive safely! This versatile holder always keep you close and reachable with your friends, family or your loved ones, especially long journey of driving.

– Easy & quick installation and non-slip extendable feet, to keep your phone in holder steadily.

– Just push clamp to grip locked system, automatically hold phone firm & secure in place.

– Fast & easily removal of phone from clamp arm, by pressing holder button.

– Wide clamp range, 56mm to 87mm & adjustable at any 360° degree angle.

– No scratches or undesirable mark on phone, protected by soft rubber.

– High quality ABS and RoHS standard materials.

– Capable to withstand daily sunlight and cold temperature.

– No magnets, adhesives, tapes or tools are required.

Full Money Back Guaranteed.

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Product Features

  • 4 Unique Mounts in 1 Kit – Exchangeable & Flexible to suit your requirement, between Windshield, Dashboard, Air Vent & CD Slot.
  • Your Phone is Secure & Safe – Powerful & durable quality car mount, easily attached securely and hold firm to various phone brand, width range between 2.20 to 3.40 inches.
  • View Phone Conveniently & Comfortably – Easily adjust to various position and rotation of 360° degrees, different angles, and just plug in & lock for 4 different kind of mount you prefer, for driver optimal viewing.
  • Ability to Cater Various Eenvironment – such as weather changed, bumpy road or types & how vehicles is drive.
  • Single Handed Easy Operation – just push the 2 side clamp to Lock and press back button to Open, to release clamp. You’re protected by a 60 days, no-questions asked money back guarantee.

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