These Fortune Products Fairy Berries Magical LED lights are made of translucent plastic, have a recessed hanging hole, and are battery operated for remote operation in creative light displays indoors or outdoors. The 3/4″ ball-shaped lights come in a set of ten with batteries preinstalled, covered with activation tabs. Once the tabs are removed, continuous light is provided, progressively increasing and fading for a slow twinkle effect. The lights have two-piece translucent-opaque plastic bodies; the translucent piece allows the LED bulb’s light to pass through while the other opaque piece helps conceal the batteries. The bodies have recessed hanging holes for threading wire or line to suspend lights from hooks, branches, or other objects. An O-ring gasket provides a seal to the lights, making them water-resistant and capable of floating in fountains or other water displays. Each light comes with two replaceable CR1220 batteries installed. Lights may present a choking hazard for small children and pets and could cause tripping accidents if placed on walkways. These lights are suitable for decorative use in patios, gardens, ponds, fountains, floral displays, centerpieces, and seasonal decorations, among other applications.

Fortune Products manufactures battery-operated lighting products including spot lights, lamps, light strings and curtains, torches, and orbs for special events, parties, seasonal décor, and interior design. Founded in 1985, the company is headquartered in Lake Stevens, WA.

Product Features

  • Case of ten 3/4″-diameter, battery-operated LED balls for indoor and outdoor decorative lighting
  • Two-piece translucent-opaque plastic body allows light to pass but also conceals batteries
  • Water-resistant construction with an O-ring gasket to enable lights to float
  • Recessed hanging hole for hanging lights with wire or line
  • Comes with two replaceable CR1220 batteries installed in each light

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