* Full Time Range: 1Min-168Hours
* Rated Voltage: 12V DC
* Contact Capacity: 16A
* Power consumption: no more than 2w
* Internal battery: 1.2V/40mA (rechargeable batteries)
* Dimensions: 60x60x32mm
* Power failure memory: 60days
* Operate Temperature: -10 to +40 C
* Programmable: 17times/week or day
* Minimum interval: 1 minute
* Key Button: Clock, timer, day, h+(setting the hours), m+(setting the minutes), manual override, reset

Package Included:

1 * DC 12V Power Programmable Timer

Product Features

  • The panel-mount digital timer series can be operated in 4 separate power supplies, ranges from 240vac to 12vdc, output format can be produced to be volt-free or voltaic-output
  • The digital timer is accurate to the minute, designed with either 17 ON/OFF (event) per day
  • Provide 15 combination of daily programs which can lead great convenience to user upon choosing the required days in a week for operation the time
  • Advanced pre-setting one week before, digital electronic timer switch with daily and weekly programs
  • Repeat programs with 17 on/off setting and manual override lithium battery power reserve when electric supply cut off

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