Portable Personal USB Humidifier From Myhumidifier (Pink)

Portable Personal USB Humidifier From Myhumidifier (Pink)

The USB Portable Personal Humidifier from myHumidifier offers you an escape from your dry and dusty life. Imagine starting your day with your own personal humidifier creating a relaxing and restoring environment just for you. MyHumidifier uses USA patent pending technology to transform any glass of water and a USB power source into your own personal oasis of refreshing moisturizing air. The portable myHumidifier is very easy to use. Just soak the water absorption core in a glass of purified water for 3 minutes then insert it into the humidifier. Then connect the USB cable to the humidifier and a USB power source(NOT Included) such as a laptop or desktop computer. Finally just push the white button to turn the humidifier on and enjoy. The portable myHumidifier has two operation modes Continuous and Intermittent. Continuous will supple 30ml per hour of mist and the Intermittent mode will supply half of that. The humidifier also has an added automatic safety function that will turn off the humidifier after two hours of use. To turn it back on simply press the white button and it will turn right back on. Included-Portable Humidifier, 5 foot long USB Cable, and 3 Water Absorption Cores. (Does Not Include a USB Power Source.)

Product Features

  • USB Powered and Portable Design – Perfect Office, Desk, and Travel Companion.
  • 30ml Per Hour of Mist with an Elegant Flower Design to Enhance Your Surroundings.
  • Can Provide Relief to Allergies as well as Cold and Flu Symptoms with added moisture in the air.
  • Use Cold Water on a Hot Day for a Refreshing, Relaxing Change.
  • USA Patent Pending

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