Portable, DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner and Contact Management System for PC or Mac (1760686) Consumer Electronic Gadget Shop

Advanced Contact Management System for PC and Mac. CardScan Executive combines a fast and accurate color-capable business card scanner with the latest version of our award-winning CardScan contact management software. Capture contact data without typing. Scan directly from business cards or drag and drop from emails, Web pages New features let you scan business cards directly into Microsoft Outlook (Windows only), verify and correct US addresses and ZIP + 4 codes, more Sync seamlessly with Outlook, Palm, Windows Mobile, Act. Standard and Premium for Workgroups, and Lotus Notes (Windows) or Mac Address Book (Mac) Scan business cards in 7 languages, from 14 different countries Windows System Requirements: Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8, Pentium processor or later, 64MB RAM, 90MB available disk space (120MB for full installation), CD-RO Mac System Requirements: Intel processor, Mac OS version 10.5.3 or higher, 512MB RAM, 1GB available disk space, optical drive, USB port

Product Features

  • Scan data from business cards directly into your PC, Mac, or Palm or Windows mobile device. Add
  • Executive scanner is super accurate and can scan color cards.
  • Reads cards in 7 languages from 14 different countries. Verifies and correct US addresses and ZIP +
  • Use our software to drag-and-drop address information from emails and web pages.

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