Asmart center Newest GPS Watch Tracker GSM GPRS Personal GPS Wrist Tracking System with SOS Function Smart GPS Tracker Wrist Watch for kids and elder

This GPS watch supports alarming, remote monitoring and fast dial button. You can position the user of this GPS watch by call or SMS, and can inquire the location information
through the SMS or Internet. The tracked person will not be disturbed and realized the real-time tracking, when you are in emergency; you just need to press the SOS button to have an accurate positioning.


Inbuilt GPS Module

Internet positioning service center, used to receive and send positioning information

GSM /GPRS modem supports Quad frequency bands, i.e. 900/1800/1900 MHz

High-sensitivity, new workmanship and the most advanced GPS chip

Work effectively in limited space such as urban canyon

Low energy consumption

Fast signal acquisition

Supports single positioning and continuous tracking;

Supports alarming and remote monitoring

Supports fast dial button

Supports the location information inquiry by SMS and Internet

May monitor without disturbing the tracked person and realizes real-time tracking;

Can position the holder by call or SMS

In emergency, press the SOS button to have an accurate positioning

Package included:

1 * GPS Watch

1 * CD

1 * USB Cable

1 * Power Adapter

2 * Battery

Product Features

  • This Quad Band GPS GSM Cell phone Wrist Watch represents the perfect combination of GSM and GPS technologies。
  • displaying at a touch of a button your exact longitude and latitude coordinates.
  • This GPS watch also comes with a two way calling feature that allows up to 3 mobile phone numbers to be stored.
  • Support single SIM card. Can make a call directly.
  • It is a great gadget for elders and children.

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