Flying Propeller Digital Alarm Clock, 2014 Edition by the Emperor of Gadgets®

Flying Propeller Digital Alarm Clock. New 2014 Edition here at the Amazon shop of The Emperor of Gadgets. Don’t be tricked into buying the older model that sells for a few less dollars, get the latest and greatest model right here!

Normal alarm clocks wake you up with loud noises to rouse you into wakefulness, however we have all become accustomed to the snooze button. Sure, you could use those extra 10 minutes, but then it becomes 20, then 30, and before you know it you’re late for work.
The Flying Propeller Digital Alarm Clock wakes you up with a loud shrieking alarm and mini propeller-driven key that flies up, up, and away. Guaranteed to get you up, the alarm won’t be turned off until you’ve retrieved the propeller and insert it back into its original position. Of course, that means you need to physically get out of bed if you ever want peace and quiet again, and by then you’re awake enough to at least go make some coffee.

Annoying, but effective, late sleepers have finally met their match with this new digital alarm clock from The Emperor of Gadgets.

Product Details

Screen: 1.8 inch with Blue Backlight

Buttons: Set Time, Set Alarm, Alarm On, Snooze Alarm, Alarm Off, Hour, Minute

Time Mode: 12 hour AM/PM

Power Source: 4 x AA batteries (not included)

Package Contents

1 x Flying Alarm Clock base

1 x Propeller Unit (for alarm function)

Product Features

  • Flying Alarm Clock – adds a fun and effective twist to the usual alarm clock
  • Propeller flies away when alarm sounds and won’t stop until you insert it back into the base
  • Makes a great gift for your school aged children (and even your university aged kids!)
  • Available here with a low price and free shipping

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