Protect your Apple iPad Mini tablet and its brilliant screen from everyday scratches and smudges. This anti-glare clear protective shield helps your display remain safe from minor damage caused by everyday use. It installs quickly and can be removed just as quickly leaving no sticky residue behind.

Easy application requires no special liquids.

Durable enough to be removed, then gently rinsed with warm water to remove debris and reapplied when dry.

A microfiber cleaning cloth is included for normal cleaning and a squeegee for bubble removal during application.

Product Features

  • Compatible – Designed to fit all iPad Mini models
  • Durable – Protection from fingerprints, smudges and every day wear
  • Reusable – Easily reapplied leaving no sticky residue when removed
  • Invisible – Crystal clear while reducing glare
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth and applicator included

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