Your search for the best Keychain Flashlight is finally over. When you purchase from us today, here are just some of the things you can look forward to…

– Customers wanted more than just a light. This Keychain offers you a wide range of tools.

– 11 Unique tools (flashlight, Phillips screwdriver, bottle opener with mini slotted screwdriver, nail file with micro slotted screwdriver, ruler, slotted screwdriver, spanners, cutter)

– Designed to light weight and look stylish.

The biggest question you might be asking is- why is Pocket Toolio so unique?

– I’m so small you can’t even feel my existence. No matter where you go, just take your keys. Pocket toolio, a friend that appears when you most need me most!

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Product Features

  • 11 Unique Multi-tool Functions
  • Compact Design, Designed to be light weight and durable
  • Powerful Flashlight that helps you when you need a light most
  • Pocket Toolio, a friend that appears when you most need me most!
  • Great gift for a family friend or yourself!