AOR Flashlights Top Picked Safety Whistle – Floats – International Safety Orange

AOR Flashlights Top Picked Safety Whistle – Floats – International Safety Orange

Get help, alert others. Make sure that you have this handy ergonomically shaped whistle with you at all times for so many reasons. This small, lightweight safety and security whistle sports a smooth brand-new ergonomic style incorporating both a retainer clip and spot to attach a rope (not featured) for safe and secure accessory to your life vest, PFD or other application. Features feature a retainer clip, which provides easy add-on to a belt, pack, personal flotation protection gadget, hydration device, canoe, kayak, boating, watercraft, backpack, clothes, emergency situation readiness knapsack, watercraft, life vest, harness, diving and snorkel gear, survival pack, BCD,or PFD. This item is made of poly plastic, and is non-corrosive. It’s International orange (Safety orange) in colour. This is a fantastic thing at a terrific cost, several merchants like, Cabelas, Bass Pro, LL Bean, REI, and Campmor market similar products for $5-$7 each. Canine training Individual security Fundraiser novelty for sororities or clubs Attach to vehicle’s visor Attach to a keychain School safety Security Many other additional uses for this item. A safety whistle is an important addition to any boater, paddler, or outdoors person’s existing safety and security gear. Bring this along with your all your other outdoor and paddling safety gear. The photo’s are an example of the whistle you will obtain (you can add features to it). ITW Nexus Aqua Marine Safety Whistle (MW2) meets CE EN394 specs.

Product Features

  • Whistle That Floats For Many Emergency Situations – Has clip for pocket or backpack
  • Bright Orange Color Works Well in Wet Conditions – You Never Know Where You May Be and Wished You Had a Whistle
  • Very Slim Design – Survival – Bicycling – Hunting – Walking – Sporting – Aquatic Marine Safety –

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