Japan Hair Medical Scalp-d Dry for Dry Skin Japan Import

Prevent dandruff and itching.
Prevent sweat odors of scalp hair.

Nanocapsules formulation of the four components in both scalp care shampoo, conditioner nanocapsules of 1/2000 the size of the pores.

Scalp care ingredients to penetrate deeply.

Product Features

  • Medicated shampoo for Dry skin (Content: 350ml)
  • 8th generation, appeared new medicinal Dry scalp D!
  • Bottle color from Red to Gold renewal
  • It is a free 6(Non-silicon /Free petroleum-based surfactant /Paraben Free /Free artificial coloring /Free synthetic perfume /Phenoxyethanol free)
  • Introduction to Japan nanotechnology shampoo.

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