Ice Balls  – The Big Chill for your Favorite Spirits and Beverages
Anybody who enjoys fine spirits knows that ice is important to the overall blend and smoothness of their drink. However, regular ice cubes can go beyond the call of duty and start out as a chilling experience but end up as a diluted one. 

Balls versus Cubes – It’s all about surface
Ice is used to chill and to chill it has to melt. However, cubes which have a greater surface area go through a meltdown quickly. An ice ball on the other hand has less surface area and melts more slowly. A slower melt equals less dilution of your scotch, whiskey, vodka or beverage. It’s that simple. 

Not just for grown-ups
Our ice ball molds aren’t just great for cocktails and cooling fine spirits. You can create fun drinks and treats for your kids too. Fill the molds with juice and make healthy fruit pops. Or make lemon juice balls to add to iced tea or punch. Great for outside parties, picnics, trips to the beach – anywhere you want a slow melt for drinks or beverages.  It’s fun, easy and these sparkly ice spheres look cool too. 

Why choose the Aunchitha Ice Ball Maker?
–  Made of high-quality, BPA-free silicone – FDA approved
–  Leak-proof design with clearly visible fill marks make perfect ice balls every time
–  Easy to use, won’t absorb freezer odors, and dishwasher safe
–   Great gift idea for your favorite hostess or home bartender
–  Aunchitha’s 2″ ice balls fit perfectly into rocks glasses

Our Guarantee
Every Aunchitha Ice Ball Maker comes with a no hassle, no questions asked, money back guarantee. 

Experience the chill without the dilution – scroll up to click the Add to Cart button to get your Ice Ball maker shipped today.

Product Features

  • Creates ice spheres that cool but won’t water down your drinks
  • A must-have for scotch, whiskey, bourbon, tequila and vodka lovers
  • Drinks last longer, making your last sip is as good as your first
  • Favored ice method of bartenders & mixologists for creating perfect blend in your drinks & cocktails
  • Made of high-quality silicone, FDA approved, BPA free and dishwasher safe

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