Whiskey Ice Stones & Coffee Rocks Set of 9 You don’t have to dilute good whiskey just to keep it cool. Carved from soapstone, these rocks are tumbled smooth to protect your good crystal. Place them in the freezer for just a few hours to cool scotch, bourbon or rye without compromising the subtleties of their flavor. Non-porous, odourless and tasteless, these stones are easy to clean and won’t react with the liquid around them. You can even heat them up for your warm beverages. A lot of care goes into crafting your bottles of fine whiskey. Treat them with the respect they deserve. Features: Brand new Whiskey Ice Stones & Coffee Rocks Set of 9 100% natural soapstones are used to chill or heat your drinks without the worry of dilution Eco-friendly and recyclable ice cooler for wine, beer, juices and so on Retains temperature for hours at a time, much longer than ice Anti-scratch surface, odorless and tasteless Specifications: Color: Gray Each dimensions: 2*2*2cm Dimensions: 155.0*120.0*32.0mm Weight: 300.0g Package Included: 9 x Whiskey Ice Stones & Coffee Rocks Set of 9 1 x Black Pouch

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