Bamboo acoustic speaker for iPhone 5/5s by SpeakaBoo. Acoustic amplifier for iPhone 5 dock. Flame treated ‘Dragon’ style. Unusual Christmas gifts for men. Eco-friendly Christmas gifts for women.

Welcome! Thanks for dropping in and for showing interest in this novel idea of mixing cutting-edge technology with the simple beauty of mother nature. SpeakaBoo amplifies and improves the audio quality coming out of an iPhone speaker in an eco-friendly way, using only bamboo, which has the natural ability to resonate sound within its walls. Each SpeakaBoo is handcrafted from carefully selected stems of bamboo. These vary in length and diameter, and for each SpeakaBoo, a particular dimension is chosen to give it its own sound and character. SpeakaBoos are designed to allow your iPhone to be charged while docked to the unit. It can therefore be used as a natural amplifier as well as a docking station. The home button can be access while it is docked. They come with a little bamboo back support for better stability. They are packed in a neat little bag made out of recycled newspaper, produced by a charity employing disadvantaged workers. This one is the flame treated ‘Dragon’ style. A flame has been carefully applied throughout the bamboo skin to dry all the moisture out from within its walls. This further improves the natural acoustic properties of the bamboo and it gives it a darker finish. This model has been designed to fit the iPhone 5/5s. The SpeakaBoo is designed to snugly fit the iPhone alone, not with any protective case around it. The iPhone and USB cable are not included. Item can be returned within 30 days for a refund. *The Post office recommends the following dates as the last Christmas shipping dates. December 12th for USA and -December 9th for Canada. Please note that these dates are the official Post office recommendations, not mine. **Items are shipped internationally with standard Royal Airmail. If 4 or more items are purchased, your order will be automatically upgraded to a fully online traceable option at no extra charge. Please check your messages, as your tracking code information will be sent to you as soon as it is shipped.

Product Features

  • Flame treated for enhanced natural acoustics
  • Eco-friendly from 100% sustainable material
  • Ideal gift for home, camping, picnics, beach and travel
  • Great for hands-free calls and skype

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