The DualFAV-3.1 is a great MULTI-Purpose tool for charging mobile devices!

The LED Display and Dual-port Design are a winning combination!

Charge TWO devices RAPIDLY – Keep your devices charged and ready to go with the DualFAV-3.1. Made with high quality material, the dual-port design is able to efficiently charge two devices at the same time with a total charge capacity of 3.1A.

Charge ANY USB Charged 5V Device – The device allows you to charge most devices that are charged via a USB cable. Apple/Android/ Windows smartphones, tablets, and much more.

Digital LED FAV Display – FAV stands for Fahrenheit, Amperage, and Voltage. The DualFAV-3.1 is the first of its kind with a digital LED display that allows you to be more conscious of your vehicle and devices you’re charging. Every ten seconds, the display switches between voltage, internal temperature, and total amperage of the devices you are charging.

Be in tune with your vehicle – This device is one of the most helpful gadgets you can buy for your car. The voltage indicates the health of your battery and allows you to know when it’s time for a replacement. The temperature helps you to manage the internal temperature of the car. The amperage keeps you informed of the amount of amperage your devices are using. Note: temperature display will inaccurately increase while charging a device. Allow cooldown period after charging.

Overcharge / Overheat Protection – The device auto powers off when input/output is greater than safety current. This ensures that your devices are protected against over-heat, over-current and over-charging. It also ensures that the DualFAV-3.1 will not overheat while charging even while charging two devices.

Backed with a 1 year, No-Hassle, Free replacement Warranty! We strive to provide excellent customer service!

Product Features

  • FAST DUAL USB CHARGING PORTS – Combined 3.1 amps; 10W; uses smart technology to ensure each device pulls the right amperage. Charger is powered by the vehicle’s cigarette lighter.
  • OVER-CHARGE PROTECTION – auto power off when input/output is greater than safety current, protects against over-heat, over-current and over-charging
  • LED DISPLAY – LED digital luminescence tubes; Display cycles between internal temperature (Fahrenheit), device’s charging current, and the voltage of the vehicle’s car battery. The LEDs are bright enough to read the display without being a distraction while driving.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Input: DC 12V – 24V, Output: DC 5V/3.1A, 10 W, Conversion efficiency 95%, Measuring range: Voltage 5V-25V, Current 0 – 3.1A, Temperature -4⁰ to 176⁰ F
  • Backed with a 1 year, No-Hassle, Free replacement Warranty!

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